Private Consultions for Medical Cannabis

So where do you start? Is traditional flower, pre-rolls, or vapes right for you? Maybe you’d prefer not to smoke and are more interested in the long-lasting effects of edibles? Are you looking for the curative properties of non-psychoactive CBD, the euphoric boost of high THC content, or a combination of the two? Every consumption method and strain includes unique characteristics and flavor profiles that directly affect your experience and enjoyment.

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Private Cannabis Consultations

Sometimes, a little help goes a long way. You don’t need to navigate the ins and outs of cannabis on your own. CannaCare Medical Dispensary is here to help. For those just getting familiar with cannabis, we highly recommend scheduling a consultation with a knowledgeable member of our staff. We have private rooms set up where we can sit down, discuss your goals, share insight, and tailor recommendations to suit your personal objectives. Simply get in touch. Let’s arrange a time for a private consultation and get you started on the right path.

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