Learn More About Our Cannabis Services & Products

Cannabis Basics
Cannabis is a plant that naturally contains THC and CBD. These are cannabinoids that help with pain relief and provide a natural high.

Private Consultation
We offer consultation services for our new and return customers to talk through the benefits of cannabis. We want you to leave with the best products to suit your unique needs.

First-Time Visit
As a first-time visitor, we will walk you through our products, strains, and flavors. Feel free to ask questions and explore all of the options available so you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Medicinal Cards
Our customers are required to have medicinal marijuana cards certifying that they qualify for medical-grade marijuana. You must be previously evaluated for a qualifying medical condition and be over the age of 21.

Medical Cannabis
Medical cannabis is a natural pain relief and calming solution for a wide variety of medical conditions. It is often more potent and can be purchased in higher quantities than recreational marijuana.

CannaCare Medical Dispensary is Your Trusted Medical Cannabis Dispensary